Technogroup” a full – fledged industrial group set up its first manufacturing unit during 1998 in the name of “Techno Fiber” – Technical Factory for Fiberglass Products. As the country is moving on a fast track towards infrastructure development, The demand for construction related materials is high. Considering the momentum, we decided to expand our existing products range as follows.

  • Fiberglass Metering cabinets for electrical and water.
  • Fiberglass sewerage items.
  • Fiberglass Tanks and vessels.
  • Fabrication of fiber hangers, gratings, tanks and vessels etc.

We take pride in having four independent manufacturing facilities with highly qualified Engineers, Technicians & Modern state of the art Machineries. Considering the extremely corrosive environment of Arabian Peninsula, Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP) has a vital role in the Industrial field of Pollution control, Environmental Improvement, Water Conservation, Energy, Oil field, etc.

GRP has the following advantages as compared to Metals:

  • High Mechanical Properties
  • High Corrosion Resistant
  • High Heat Resistant
  • Light in Weight
  • Easy Mold Ability in Shapes and Colors
  • Resistant to Solar and Atmospheric Conditions
  • Vermin, Antifungal and Water Resistant
  • Fire Resistant / Fire Retardant

Techno Fiber offers Production, Supply and Installation of GRP products for potential customers in the Gulf, Middle East and African continent. Our integrated factory complex at Dammam, Second Industrial City is capable of executing Design, Manufacture and Installation of any kind of GRP products.

Our Electrical Meter Boxes are approved by electricity companies in Saudi Arabia. Water Meter Boxes and Sewer network items were also approved by all regions of Water and Sewerage Authority. Our commitment in supply of quality products with reasonable rates and easy delivery terms made us pioneer in the GRP field. Technical support and know-how from European GRP company M/S. Geyer AG also helped a lot in our growth in the competitive market

About Us Mission 

We aim to strive for the best quality of low voltage enclosures and distributing energy more efficiently and deliver smart energy solutions to the community and our customers.

About Us Vision

Our Vision is to facilitate the MENA region with the complete distribution of its energy management core with clearly providing superior value.

Techno Group